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By sponsoring an event, the partner can pick the location of their choice, and decide upon the layout, speakers and even the content. Fully hosted by the sponsor, they have creative control of the message and tone throughout the entire event but with further support in place from In Touch Networks to handle any partnership or membership questions not directly related to the agenda.


Ensuring the success and repeatability of the event, In Touch Networks will execute a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy across our member channel to maximise attendance. This will include:

Brand Exposure
Lead Generation
Word Of Mouth

Ongoing Progress Review

As part of our marketing activity for yourself and your event, we will continually monitor, measure and proactively adjust marketing and advertising mediums to optimise for the success of the event, maximise attendance and achieve maximum potential brand exposure for your business.

Weekly Onboarding Webinar

In Touch Networks hosts an online session each week to welcome and introduce a large number of brand new members to the network. During this, we also cover our development and sponsored events – your event will be featured here for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event, increasing your exposure to fresh and hyper-engaged members.

Debrief and Post-Event Review

Following the event’s conclusion, In Touch Networks will outreach to each attendee with a personal email to gain invaluable insight and feedback, particularly regarding the tone and delivery. This allows us to work with you and help shape and fine tune future events to ensure they’re perfect.

Banner Ads

Your event will be featured in a banner that will be displayed across our platform and networks during the 4 weeks prior to the event itself.

Featured in Newsletter

A weekly newsletter email is sent to all our members – the event will be featured for a minimum of 4 weeks in the run up to the event.

Sales Insights

Our entire onboarding sales team will be briefed in to offering tickets to new joining members, meaning far greater exposure for your brand and event

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